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3 Accessories

Before bolting all the accessory things back on the shortblock, sealing the bottom oil pan is a huge plus. Especially if the waterpump has the silver tube still attached, you *need* to have the pan in place before moving onto the water pump.

Water pump pump bolts (4) and silver tube bolts on the other side (2) are all 10NM
Crank pulley bolts are 22NM + 45 degrees

Snub mount thing 42NM with 3 bolts

Alternator mount to the block 46NM on the bigger 2 bolts, 22NM on the 3 smaller ones. The 2 bolts that go thru the alternator are 22NM. Ac compressor bolts (3) 22NM and do that before the power steering pump and engine mount. The mounts are 42nm and there are 3 on either side.

Short block back together: