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RNS-E Bluetooth A2DP

Streaming music to Audi Symphony, RNS-D and RNS-E over A2DP

 Symphony II RNS-D

Having jumped from an iPhone to Android, I started searching for a solution that would let me integrate the new phone with my car. As it turns out, the conection that the OEM audi bluetooth kit for RNS-E and aftermarket handsfree kits use is MONO, so A2DP through it as pointless... plus all the kids run into hundreds of dollars.

There's a much better and cheaper solution!
What you'll need is an Apple iPod/iPhone integration like the Dension Ice>Link and the trick piece - Anycom FIPO device:


The Ice>Link (v2 pictures, what I used for my car) lets you hook up an iPod to your car and control it with your steering wheel. The trick part is the FIPO adapter - it's an iPod / iPhone dock to A2PD gateway device that also includes the AVRCP bluetooth profile. The latter is the standard for sending control input like next song, previous etc. over Bluetooth.
The FIPO thing was designed to make things like the iHome accessible to other devices, which makes it perfect for these purposes.

Tricky Ice>Link

In order to get this set up working on my S4, I had to flash the ice link to the latest firmware (2.18) to get FIPO started up and be discoverable. If you're having a problem where the FIPO is flashing the blue LED w/o being paired and you can hear a slight pop in the radio when that happens, firmware update is needed.

Tricky RNS-E

Depending on how you end up getting the RNS-E (from the factory or later on), you'll have to get the right version of ICE>Link. They make a version that plugs into the CD changer connector (pictured above) and another version that plugs directly to the back of RNS-D and Symphony II:

The tricky part for RNS-E comes from the fact that if you have it from the factory, you need to buy the Ice>Link with the CD changer plug. If you're doing a retrofit, the version needed is the one that plugs to the back of the head unit; usually comes with a harness with 2 red connectors.

Moreover, you need to modify the adapter harness a bit to get the CD changer working with the retrofitted RNS-E, follow the CD Changer section of this writeup.

Performance etc.
Once you have it all wired up, plug the FIPO into the Ice>Link and pair it up with your phone. My Samsung Galaxy S phone (Epic 4g) sends all sounds through the car and I can use the steering wheel controls to change the songs back and forth. This works even in Pandora!