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Inner Tie Rods

Audi B6 (A4/S4) inner tie rod service is actually pretty simple, the main ingredient is a propane or mapp torch. Also it always helps to soak the hell out of all the bolts with some penetrating oil beforehand...

You can diagnose the inner tie rods really easy, just follow the instructions to remove the tie rod end from the knuckle and see if it holds whatever position you put it to. If it flops down, bending in the boot, when you let go, it's shot.


Turn the wheel opposite direction of the side you're working on, it will give you the most working space. I've done this with the shock removed, but depending on your wrench you may be able to loosen the inner tie rods with the shock in place.


Start with removing the two bolts (top and side) that are holding the tie rod end. Once they're out, you can hammer the tie rod end out of the upright or use a Pitman tool to push it out of it.

Next step is to undo the big nut on the tie rod just a little bit and remove the retaining clip on the plastic boot thing. Push the boot as far back toward the rack as it will go and heat up the nut section of the inner tie rod.

After a minute or two of torching it (watch that you don't melt the boot!), you should be able to screw the tie road away. Now you can undo the big clamp that's holding the boot to the rack, long screw driver did it for me.

Now to undo the inner tie rod, use a BFW (big _ wrench) adjusted for the size of the inner tie rod. It's not torqued down too much, so cracking it lose is a non-issue.


Once you get it off, all you have to do is screw the new onto the rack and put all the pieces back together. Putting the the boot back on is kind of a pain on the rack side, you can take the black plastic surround off to get more clearance. I just used a zip tie to secure it back on there.

It's highly recommended that you get alignment afterward.

The whole assembly: